Cotton reusable produce bags with drawstring. Mesh green bags for fruits and veggies. 8 pcs. set.

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8 set environment friendly bags

Simply Eco reusable produce bags help pave the way for a better future with environmental awareness and better care for your produce to reduce food waste. We have designed the perfect reusable mesh and muslin produce bags, incorporating all the best attributes we could think of. By combining high-quality, unbleached cotton, eco-friendly materials and uncompromising strength, we have designed mesh and muslin eco-bags, alternative to the plastic bags and containers.

Our cotton, eco produce bags can ideally be used for farmers markets, vegan foods grocery, sandwich container and as a vegetable saver. Comfortable mesh bags for toys, school lunches, office supplies, camping & road trips.

We highly recommend the following, in order to ensure long lasting of your products:

- Don’t pack veggies tightly together, either; they need space for air circulation;
- Fruits and vegetables don’t play well together. So don’t store them together;
- Always remove any tight bands from your veggies;
- In the mesh bags we recommend store oranges, lemons and grapefruit outside of the crispers. Also potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic. Mesh bags are NOT RECOMMENDED for leafy veggies;
- Muslin bags are recommended for bulk food;
- For leafy greens, we recommend to use the special muslin bag. Wash and dry your produce, place loosely the greens inside the bag and storage in the crisper drawer.

The produce bag set comes in 3 different sizes:

Cotton Mesh Bags:
1* Small 12x8"
1* Medium 12x14"
2* Large 12x17"
Cotton Bag for bulk food:
1* S 12x8"
1* M 12x14"
1* L 12x17"
Cotton Bag for leafy greens:
1* L 12x17"

We guarantee complete satisfaction and high quality reusable cotton mesh and muslin bags. Live healthier, reuse your bags and save the environment with these amazing zero waste veggie bags today.