The Medical Marijuana Mall USA has a complete listing of Lawyers at the bottom of the page that either handle medical marijuana cases exclusively or have a firm knowledge of medical marijuana laws. Most lawyers listed have had medical marijuana trial experience, plea bargaining cases and in most cases have the charges dropped. We do not offer referrals but we have verified that each lawyer is licensed in the state they are listed in and have preferred bar status.

We strongly advise, as we do with other members, to check references and referrals and you can always check with the bar association in your state. No matter who you choose, we can assure you that you will receive high quality legal services. In the future we will be offering prepaid legal services for parties involved in the medical marijuana community, so please watch for advertising.

Other Services: It is important to remember that our Lawyers are not only available to help you should you have a legal issue with the law. We might add, that in many cases, when it comes to an arrest or citation because of Medical Marijuana many times it is because authorities do not yet understand the laws.

It is important to remember that you can use their legal services for setting up businesses, consulting with them prior to your involvement with Medical Marijuana or just to better understand the Medical Marijuana laws in your state.


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