Grow Schools

The Medical Marijuana Mall USA provides a list at the bottom of the page of Grow Schools, Colleges and qualified individuals. Although Schools and Colleges are a more recognized brand, many individuals that offer training are equally and generally more qualified.

There are many things you have to be aware of when growing your medicine. Although we cannot supply you with the necessary information on how to Grow Your Own medicine, there is just so much to growing healthy medicine with potency that we suggest taking a class..

A good grow school or college should follow some of these standard topics in their class. Although, we would recommend that they should cover all of the topics listed on our Suggested Topics Page. The cost of a good class should cost no more than $400.00 but expect to pay in the area of $250.00. We would suggest going to a school that allows you to pay at the door and also recommend investigating the school and/or teacher. Click here to view a Suggested Grow School Course Outline.

It is also important to know the exact equipment you will need to purchase to grow your own medicine. This is definitely an area where you do not want to cut corners. If you go with inexpensive equipment, your medicine will suffer. You need to buy the best equipment and the best nutrients to get healthy results. Equally important is to understand about your plant diseases and bugs (good and bad). Your local Hydroponics Store should be able to assist you in these areas.

Grow Schools

Alaska California Colorado Hawaii
Maine Michigan Montana Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Rhode Island
Vermont Washington    

U Grow Academy is one of the best Grow Universities in the country. This is a very thorough class that covers everything you need to know about growing Medical Marijuana.