Dispensaries, Compassion Clubs and Caregivers

The Medical Marijuana Mall USA has a complete listing of Dispensaries, Compassion Clubs and Caregivers at the bottom of the page that can assist you obtaining your Medical Marijuana Below you will also find what each one of these groups do and how they might be able to assist you. alk with your local Hydroponics Retailer with what they might suggest.

Dispensaries: The Medical Marijuana Mall USA does not provide or offer referrals nor do we have a preference to the Dispensary you choose. It is worth investigating prices for your Medical Marijuana, as prices can vary considerably. It is also worth checking the credentials of Dispensaries. 

The use of 
medical marijuana is increasingly becoming recognized as an effective treatment for a variety of symptoms, illnesses and diseases. Some examples include chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, seizure disorders, various types of cancer, diabetes, and many others.  Unfortunately, big pharmaceutical companies tend not to seek FDA approval for natural chemicals, and most doctors are reluctant to prescribe drugs that have not received a green light from the regulatory agency.  But as more research is done it is becoming apparent that marijuana can be a much safer medication than other traditional pharmaceuticals on the market.  In many instances it has enabled people to live a normal life without being drugged up by synthetic medications that have extensive side effects. Click to see Dispensaries Vision.

Compassion Clubs: Compassion Clubs are a great support group that bring individuals together to discuss needs and benefits. They are also a great reference point to new and ongoing issues in your state regarding medical marijuana. A Compassion Club is a great way to meet caring individuals that are there to support you during your treatment. Whether it is for a reference, a helping hand, support or simply information, your local Compassion Club can help. 

Most Compassion Clubs are run by private individuals that are taking charge in their area and offering and creating these support networks. Although many charge nominal fee to help cover expenses, most are still non-profit and the founders pay for the expenses out of their own funds. We highly recommend and encourage patients that attend local Compassion Club meetings by helping out and donating a small amount of money as a token of appreciation.

Compassion Clubs, like any other support group, typically offer public meetings once a month to educate and inform people about the benefits of medical marijuana. While meeting formats will vary from club to club, the host and/or sponsors generally cover a variety of topics that can include laws and legislations, growing techniques, methods of ingestion, case studies and more.  One of the most important benefits to attending a meeting is the ability to network. Compassion Clubs are a safe and recommended way for patients and Caregivers to find each other.

Caregivers: The Medical Marijuana Mall USA does not provide, offer referrals or over a reference list of Caregivers. You will need to attend a Compassion Club meeting and the club will be able to offer you a list of Caregivers. We do recommend that you run checks on Caregivers and ask for references from other patients on the treatment they received. Our expectations from all Caregivers is to maintain  a professional demeanor and follow all laws of both the State they are in and all guidelines associated with Caregivers.

Marijuana can not be prescribed by a doctor but they can give you a recommendation that marijuana may help your condition.  Registered patients may either grow their own medicine or choose a Caregiver, or in some states become part of a collective or visit a dispensary that will supply them with medicine. Caregivers provide marijuana, marijuana products and professional services but are limited to five patients. It is recommended that Caregivers start a business and purchase proper insurance due to the nature of the industry. Seeking legal advice prior to becoming a Caregiver is highly recommended as marijuana, although legal in several state for medicinal purposes, still is not legal under United States Federal Law.

Dispensaries, Compassion Clubs and Caregivers

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