Clinics and Physicians

The Medical Marijuana Mall USA has a complete listing of Clinics and Physicians at the bottom of the page for the states that have laws and acts in place for medical marijuana. The Medical Marijuana Mall USA does not provide or offer referrals nor do we have a preference to the Clinic or Physician you choose.

In the case of Medical Marijuana a Physician cannot prescribe marijuana they only help you with your qualifying conditions and assist you in obtaining your State Medical Marijuana Card.  Physicians can refer  you to a qualified professional service to receive your medicine. We do suggest Physicians that have a number of qualified medical marijuana providers and preferably one that has a mixture that have worked with different treatments and doses based on a patients illness.

Our expectations from all Physicians listed in the mall, maintain a professional demeanor and follow all laws of both the State they are in and all guidelines associated with Medical Marijuana.

The Clinics and Physicians that are members of this site are dedicated to providing a confidential and compassionate environment in which patients may attain the health information and assistance they need in order to benefit from the therapeutic use of Medicinal Marijuana. 

They give recommendations to qualified patients for the use of Medicinal Marijuana for only legitimate medical reasons, often as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, which can have many adverse side effects and negative long-term consequences. All consultations are confidential.

Clinics and Physicians

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