Grow Room Sterilization and Odor Control

If you have a grow room one of the most important and often over-looked area is sterilization and odor control. A sterile grow room is important every time you have crop turnover and odor control so you can keep your grow room private. You do not want your neighbors, family, children or any other passer by to smell your plants. This is why we have done a little research and found a company that is grow room specific in both of these areas. So please visit to see all the latest on Grow Room Odor Control and Sterilization.

Grow Room Sterilization is very important. Many of our products can help with the sterilization of Medical Marijuana Grow Rooms and can help you maintain optimum success and yield for your efforts. The principal idea is to keep the air inside your grow room as clean as outdoor air. Indoor grow rooms can be as much as 70 times more polluted than outside, therein lies the problem.

Outdoor air is constantly being cleaned in many ways from natural occurring wind, rain and sunlight. Our products can be used to simulate those outdoor cleaning methods indoors. Some of our products such as the Onyx Ambient Air Sterilizer draw in dirty air and by use of a tiny incinerator can reduce levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), dust, pollen, mold, fungus, mites, ozone, etc. in up to 650Sq. Ft. space, while remaining totally silent.

Odor Control is important in any business, but especially Grow Rooms and Smoking Areas. That’s why we have engineered and gathered all the resources from our 25 years of experience into presenting these offerings for your particular application. 

The MM12-OzaVentor is a duct able Ultraviolet in-line devise and  is perfect for smaller grow room applications designed to install directly into an already existing Carbon Canister presently in use or a 6” or 8" duct assembly (included). The unit is very versatile. When used in and already existing Carbon Cartridge it has proven to extend the life of Activated Carbon and can as much as double the usefulness of the carbon by reflecting Ultraviolet rays into the cartridge.

Used alone it can eliminate the need for carbon all together by using Oxidation to destroy VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are present in the air stream being exhausted/ventilated outside. This reduces odors and can keep exhaust air smelling fresh and clean like after a thunderstorm. The basic unit operates with very little power consumption and is maintenance free and replacement of special Ultraviolet lamp is a snap and much less expensive than carbon replacements. Unit Retails for $350.00 with and introductory price of $295.00. Fast installation into an already existing system and adapters and clamps are supplied for a variety of sizes to fit your system. 

Working on the principal of oxidation, the ultraviolet ray convert most gases to less harmful and definitely less odiferous, gases since as C02 ands water vapor. Multiple units can also be added for larger applications in the same system or larger systems are available.

Compassion Aire has established itself as the leader in air purification for the past 25 years. They have now brought their knowledge in air sterilization and odor control to the medical marijuana industry.