Medical Marijuana Information

Our Medical Marijuana Information page is perhaps the most informative of its kind. We provide unbiased information and offer no recommendations as to what to do. We simply state the facts, as we know them, and let you draw your own conclusions.

Medical Marijuana may be a scary option for people that have always viewed marijuana more as a recreational drug. By most standards this is the way it is viewed and probably always will, except by those have actually experienced the medicinal effects of marijuana.


So because Medical Marijuana is a "grey area" topic as to whether  it is strictly a recreational drug we offer this site as a way for you to make an educated decisions on your own. We know bow difficult a subject it is to discuss openly, find a medical professional willing to discuss it or even for you to bring up in a curiosity type conversation.

So after viewing all the information and options we have made available to you, you will walk away a little more educated and have a list of groups, people and clubs that you can openly talk to about Medical Marijuana.

The one thing we hope you get out of the information provided by this site is that there is some very strong evidence that marijuana does indeed have medicinal values. Many other countries have been using marijuana medicinally for years with proven results. Many medical organizations in America have given their endorsements for marijuana as a medicine.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding any information posted on this website. Also, if you have contributing information we will be happy to review it for accuracy and add it to our current information.