Medical Marijuana Mall USA Free Business Listing

The Medical Marijuana Mall USA offers a free business listing service so everyone in the Medical Marijuana Community can list their business, service or product for all to see. We would like to offer banner ads for free but unfortunately we use banner ad to keep paying for this site.

To list your business on the mall all you need to do is supply is with the information you want listed in the business directory and we will submit it within a few days. With our free listing, we will try to rotate the order on a monthly basis so everyone has an opportunity to have their business located near the top.

If you have any questions about advertising please feel free to email us at To submit your free listing please send your information to


Our Vision

We hope to create a large medical marijuana community for the entire country to use. We want to have all professional services listed in the mall with hopes of making it easier for patients in need to find what they are looking for. With the help of medical marijuana professionals, we hope to make this a completely free service to both patients and the professionals listed. In this grey area market we call medical marijuana it will be important that all parties associated with it to stick together and we believe this is an ideal gathering point.