About Medical Marijuana Mall USA

The Medical Marijuana Mall USA was an idea of a group of individuals that wanted to assist in the advancement of  medical marijuana. Being that medical marijuana is very much in the grey area of being a medicine, it is equally grey for patients to easily find the answers they need in obtaining information in the various areas of medical marijuana.

At Medical Marijuana Mall USA, we make it easy for all parties to be found. Whether it is a patient looking for a Caregiver, a Lawyer offering services for state licensed individuals wrongly accused/arrested for carrying or supplying medicine or someone wanted to check state laws, regulations and guidelines. The Mall has it all!

As more states pass laws allowing marijuana use for medicinal reasons, there will be more patients out in the cold and not knowing where to turn for answers and services. With the Medical Marijuana Mall
USA being an established spot for all services, products and answers, today is the ideal time for businesses to begin the advertising in states that do not yet have laws. To see what is happening in your state, please view our Upcoming Votes page.

Medical Marijuana will be legal in all states at some point in the relatively  near future. We, you and us, are in the early or entry stages of what will soon be a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA. Although our goal is to provide this site as more of a service for patients and an advertising Mecca for businesses supporting the medical marijuana community, there are still costs to us maintaining this site.

We offer a wide variety of limited paid advertising space per category and state but do over free entry into the listing pages of each category or service. The advertising is available on a yearly basis only and once the space are taken, there will be no additional spots made available. Please see our advertising page for more details.

In all, we want to unite the medical marijuana community in all areas, to help and assist  all parties to expand their knowledge, business and medical needs. We want to educate and help medicate patients in need. We want to help businesses prosper because of volumes of business...not at the patients expense. With volunteering information and educating patients we feel the Mall will become a place to unite people because of need, not greed.

We welcome feedback from all individuals and entities about this site. We want you ideas on how to make this site a more beneficial site for the entire medical marijuana community. We hope that this site helps the millions of people that can and will benefit from medical marijuana as well as the small business owners that will be able to make a better living because of this movement. We thank all individuals that visit and participate in the development of this site.

The Staff

Our Vision

We hope to create a large medical marijuana community for the entire country to use. We want to have all professional services listed in the mall with hopes of making it easier for patients in need to find what they are looking for. With the help of medical marijuana professionals, we hope to make this a completely free service to both patients and the professionals listed. In this grey area market we call medical marijuana it will be important that all parties associated with it to stick together and we believe this is an ideal gathering point.

Support Our Advertisers

If it wasn't for our paid advertisers this site may not be possible. Our banner ads our very reasonably priced for all businesses. To help our paid advertisers we have put limit to the number of banners that can be on one page and strategically place them so they get attention.

If you are interested in putting a paid banner on the Mall site, please visit our Banner Advertising Page for banner sizes and pricing.